Gospel Centrality
We keep the gospel at the center.

The gospel is the glorious story of God’s saving grace through faith in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Believers and nonbelievers alike need to constantly behold and be changed by the gospel, so we strive to keep it at the forefront of everything we do in the life of our church.

Christlike Humility
We take the lowest place.

Just as humility is Christ’s cornerstone virtue, we strive for it to be ours as well and our general posture towards the city. Jesus lowered himself for us, so we look to serve rather than be served by others.

Biblical Authority
We submit our lives to God’s inspired word.

We don’t change the Bible to fit our lives; we conform our lives to God’s beautiful design as revealed in the Scriptures. The Bible is our ultimate source of truth, reveals the character of God, and directs our every step.

Radical Hospitality
We invite others in.

Instead of living behind locked doors, we open our homes and our hearts to get to know our neighbors and all those that God puts in our path. We communicate that we truly care by looking to share our lives with those inside and outside of our faith community.

Spirit Empowerment
We seek the fullness of the Spirit.

We strive to be filled with and follow after the Holy Spirit of God to be empowered for daily living, be united as the family of God, and be emboldened to live as His witnesses in the world. 

Transformative Work
We do good work that glorifies God

The gospel changes why we work, how we work, and how we see our work. This means we integrate our faith and work by stewarding the positions God has given us for the glory of God and the benefit of others.